Civil War Monument: Delavan, WI
Dedicated in 1870 to honor Delavan's troops who died in the War of Rebellion.

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     Recently cleaned, the Civil War monument in Spring Grove Cemetery has survived 143 years of harsh conditions. The goal of the restoration committee is to complete repairs and replace broken concrete within the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The unique star-shaped walkways compliment the marble sculpture which was hand carved here in Delavan Wisconsin. This local landmark has been the focal point of Memorial Day ever since its dedication in 1870.

     While researching a memorial project for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Ken Wargo discovered the existing memorial was black with mold and in severe need of repairs. " How can we propose a new memorial if we can't take care of the one we already have." said Wargo.

      The star shaped walkways represent the Grand Army of the Republic and were extremely fragile. Unfortunately the cracks and a century of overgrowth had taken a toll so that replacement walkways were the only option. Underneath a foot of soil, an inscription by Mrs. Susan Aram was discovered indicating sometime between 1870 and 1906, the star was created by her intentional design.

     In 2012 the restoration committee was formed to preserve and restore this monument. The members of this committee are committed to preserving this chapter of Delavan's history and passing the torch to future generations to come. September 11, 2012 marked the 1 year anniversary of the restoration project.  Please take a few moments to watch our film below, dedicated to our Delavan casualties of war.

    On Monday October 2nd, 2013 Mel Virrueta, President of Badger Contracting Inc of S. WI began the epic
restoration of the Civil War monument in Spring Grove Cemetery. The 4 week rebuilding project involved
removing damaged steps and sidewalks, stabilizing and moving the monument, pouring a new foundation, and returning the marble memorial to original location.  See photos under RESTORATION TAB

    The project is the 25 month culmination of fundraising for the Civil War monument restoration committee started by Chairman Ken Wargo. To date the $20,000.00 fundraising goal has been met and plans are underway for further marble restoration and repairs to further preserve this permanent soldiers' memorial for the future citizens of Delavan. Addition funds are still needed to re-etch the inscriptions, polish the marble and reseal the monument to endure the test of time. Also plans are underway to replace the road that leads to the memorial itself.

    On Memorial Day May 26, 2014 the monument was rededicated during the traditional ceremony by guest speaker Ken Wargo, Chairman of the Restoration Committee. At the same time the newly finished Freedom Road to the monument was dedicated in memory of Delavan's 108 casualties of all the wars.

     501 (c)3 Donations are accepted by:
The Delavan Historical Society:
PO BOX 268
  Attention Civil War Monument. 
For more information contact Ken Wargo (262) 215-9890

Watch our documentary on the monument

YouTube: Delavan monument: Save the Monument

2014 with digital landscaping added*

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